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Research, Development, and Innovation

One of the primary cluster activities is to support and promote cluster member cooperation in the areas of research and development, and the collaborative deployment of these results into clinical practice. The cluster is an intermediary, or the sole custodian, of projects involving research, experimental development, and innovations supported by public funds. An inherent component of cluster activities is support for the commercialization and implementation of research and development into clinical practice.

Education and Training

The CZECHIMPLANT, z.s. cluster prepares and implements specialist training seminars or workshops in the field of implantology with a focus on:

  • Knowledge transfer between academia and professional practice;
  • Gathering and summarizing new information and sharing experience pertaining to legislative processes;
  • Technological collaboration and experience sharing among cluster members;
  • Establishing collaborations with foreign partners and clusters;
  • Employee education and training based on the needs of companies associated within the cluster.

Project Consultancy

The CZECHIMPLANT, z.s. cluster monitors grant opportunities for its members, with a particular focus on grants from national funding programs and European operational programs. We offer cluster members the following:

  • Finding suitable subsidies;
  • The selection and evaluation of grant opportunities;
  • Consultation and advice during project realization and budget preparation.

Marketing and Promotion

The CZECHIMPLANT, z.s. cluster promotes member companies, as well as the entire field of implantology itself, at national and international levels. To support member companies in penetrating new markets and increasing export volume, the cluster collaborates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the preparation and implementation of projects in an effort to promote economic diplomacy, and also cooperates with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and its institutions (e.g. CzechTrade, etc.). Further, the cluster prepares presentation materials and participates in trade events, fairs, and exhibitions, as well as other promotional cluster and member activities.


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