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Cluster Strategy

The basic strategy of the CZECHIMPLANT, z.s. cluster is to support the development of a significant medical field and provide members with optimal conditions for collaboration. The primary goal of the cluster is to facilitate collaboration among its members in the fields of research and development, and then introduce the results of that research and development into practice; including in areas that may be legislatively challenging for medical devices. Intensive mutual collaboration, support, and experience sharing can produce unique, innovative results within the industry with high applicability potential, especially in foreign markets.

An additional focus of the cluster is the effective use of all suitable means though which member activities can be supported, such as: grant programs for research and development; economic diplomacy projects to support member companies in penetrating new markets; support for cluster marketing activities; international collaboration development, including cooperation with foreign cluster organization, programs of a regional nature, and more.

Cluster Vision and Benefits

As a medically-focused cluster, our vision is to create a broad platform for collaboration between manufacturers, universities, physicians, and other research / professional institutions via activities that support further developments in the field of implantology. This platform will also simultaneously ensure support for development innovation, research and development, and the transfer of knowledge and research results.

In terms of competitive ability and health care standards in the field of implantology, the primary cluster benefits are as follows:

  • Developmental support in the field of implantology can contribute significantly to: improvements in health care quality; increased life expectancy; improved quality of life for patients; and reduced health care costs, including aftercare costs;
  • Greater international prestige for the Czech Republic in terms of implantology quality and standards, with great potential for practical applications of scientific and research results;
  • Joint research and development projects in the field of implantology with a focus on: innovative, minimally invasive surgical procedures and methods; new, advanced materials using the latest findings, including nanotechnology; 3D technology, chip technology, etc.;
  • Increased competitiveness (particularly among small and midsized enterprises (SMEs)) in the fields of research, development, and subsequent production of new materials, new technologies and unique products, and the standards of corporate research centers;
  • Increased intensity and quality of collaborations among academic, medical, and application spheres with top scientific and medical centers and institutions;
  • Increased potential for cluster member involvement in international research and development projects; establishing contacts with prestigious foreign medical and research institutions; mutual exchange of experiences;
  • Increased exports, especially from SMEs that supply innovative, competitive products resulting from mutual collaborations among cluster members, and/or the results of successful research and development projects in the field of implantology.

Cluster Goals

  • Support and promote research and development in the field of implantology;
  • Support and promote the introduction of new scientific and technological findings from the field of implantology (and related fields) into clinical practice;
  • Organize and conduct specialist training events that address the legislative and certification processes for new products that have been created by cluster members; support the creation of optimal conditions of the process of legislation and certification of medical devices
  • Organize and provide advisory services and educational training events for members and healthcare professionals which focus on implantology, related fields, and cluster-related issues;
  • Prepare and organize projects based on regional grants and subsidized activities, public institutions, structural funds, and framework programs;
  • Support and promote mutual experience exchanges and the sharing of potential findings among cluster members;
  • Promote public awareness of the cluster’s mission and activities;
  • Support and promote member participation at domestic and international trade fairs, exhibitions, and congresses;
  • Support member promotions and raise awareness of cluster members and their products;
  • Represent members’ interests abroad via collaboration with foreign clusters of a similar nature; aid in the establishment of direct relations between Czech and foreign entities in the field of implantology; promote mutual experience exchanges, collaboration, and joint projects.

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